Training COMMON CHALLENGES AND TIPS FOR SUCCESS18. Tip: Manage regression tests at the "model level" to save time and avoid ever-increasing numbers of tests

18. Tip: Manage regression tests at the "model level" to save time and avoid ever-increasing numbers of tests

Managing test models is often much easier and faster than managing individual tests. This lesson explains some of the benefits and limitations of managing tests at the model level.

Imagine these were your test inputs for release 7

From release-to-release, functionality of systems will change.

The next release will bring multiple changes to the System Under Test:

If you're managing tests individually, you face 3 problems:

Using Hexawise solves all 3 of these problems literally within a few seconds

The number of Hexawise-generated tests will increase only slightly from release to release

Even though there are more than 15,000 possible additional tests in Release 8, Hexawise only requires 3 more tests to achieve pairwise coverage

And check out what happens to required tests and total possible tests if Release 9 adds a few new features...

Limitations to be aware of

Optimized test generation tools like Hexawise will create entirely new test sets of tests each time you modify test inputs. So you'll have entirely new tests for each release. That can cause problems if you need to spend a significant amount of time to redefine your Expected Results for each and every (brand new) test in every release.

For that reason, you should strongly consider using the Auto-Scripts feature of Hexawise and programmatically-generate Expected Results.

Hexawise's Auto-Scripting feature allows you to quickly include detailed tester instructions in your test scripts.


Hexawise's Expected Results feature allows you to save time by programmatically calculating Expected Results for your test scripts.


Explore this concept of maintaining regression tests at the "model level" in more detail with free access to the interactive sample plans for Release 7, Release 8, and Release 9 discussed above


You can create an account at (While some restrictions apply, that will usually grant you free access to the Hexawise test design tool).

Open your Hexawise account and then cut and paste this URL into your browser: Doing so will automatically add the three sets of tests mentioned above into your account. Feel free to modify them and explore Hexawise.