Training COMMON CHALLENGES AND TIPS FOR SUCCESS23. TIP: Use the Editable Mind Maps to edit your plan

23. TIP: Use the Editable Mind Maps to edit your plan

Hexawise has developed an exciting new feature that allows users to easily create and edit their plan’s parameters and values inside of a Mind Map. These editable mind maps are especially useful because they allow the user to easily add parameters and values while viewing the plan in the clear, logical format of a mind map. They are also a great way to quickly and clearly communicate a lot of information to stakeholders about what kinds of testing ideas you've thought to include. Let’s take a look.

How do you get to the editable mind maps?

Once you are inside a plan, look for the “Mind Map” button highlighted in the screenshot below and click on it.

Clicking on the Mind Map button should take you to the following screen, where you can now view and edit your plan in Hexawise's mind map format.

To move from parameter to parameter simply click and drag within the window. You can also zoom in and out of the mind map by using your mouse wheel. If you want to expand or collapse a parameter’s values, click the circle next to the parameter’s name.

Here’s where the fun starts! You can now create and edit parameters and parameter values directly from the mind map. To add a parameter, click the circle in the very middle of the mind map as shown below.

If you click on the circle a menu with the single option of “Add Parameters”. Clicking “Add Parameters” brings up the following window:

Let’s add a parameter titled “Test Parameter 1” to the mind map by typing the parameter name into the above window. After clicking “Add Parameters” the parameter should populate the mind map as shown below (notice I also collapsed the parameter values for all other parameters).

Now that we have a new parameter in the mind map, let’s add some values to it. First click on the downward facing arrow next to the parameter name, which should bring up the menu below.

Click “Add Parameter Values” which should bring up a similar menu to the one for adding the parameters. You can also rename or delete the parameter from this menu. Let's enter “Value 1” and click "Add Parameter Values."

You can also add multiple parameter values at the same time by entering the value names separated by commas. Once you click the “Add Parameter Values” button the parameter values should appear in the mind map next to the parameter we created earlier. Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button in the upper right corner to save the changes to your plan.

The last feature we will cover here is the ability to add Value Expansions to parameter values inside the editable mind map. If you are unfamiliar with value expansions please check out this help file. To access this feature click the downward facing arrow next to the newly created parameter values.

Clicking the arrow brings up another menu that allows you to add value expansions, rename the parameter value, or delete the parameter value. Let's choose the "Add Value Expansions” option, enter the three values “Expansion 1, Expansion 2, and Expansion 3,” and click “Add Value Expansions” to add them to the mind map.